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General Description : Five Traits Common to AVG Automation Products

1. Highest Processing Power per Cubic Inch
We have always packed the most processing power per cubic inch in most of our products. Uticor 4" Toughpanel remains today as the most rugged, compact Touchpanel in the business. This is possible because of the vertical integration of AVG companies allowing us to utilize our strengths in the semiconductor technology, thick film hybrid technology and printed circuit board technology.

2. Highest Operating Speed
We hold numerous patents in the area of high speed PLC or PLS operations, particularly under electrically noisy environments. Our M1250 PLS can process 20,000 of 3 digit setpoints in 57 microseconds, the fastest in the industry. Our recently introduced TouchPLS can process 256 of 4 digit setpoints in less than 10 microseconds.

3. Simplest Human Interface
We require our design engineers to spend considerable time in technical field support. They have gone through numerous machine start-ups. They recognize the importance of simple human interface. You will find that trait throughout AVG Automation products.

We developed a five key interface for our PLSs where as all our competitors use at least 20 keys. The simplicity and Ease of use of Toughpanel is already legendary. In developing the Toughpanel products, our designers counted the number of clicks for every operation, resulting in an HMI where you can develop a fairly complex screen in less than 10 minutes.

4. High Reliability Products
Read about our entire design and manufacturing process which has earned us the reputation for providing “Built Like a Smart Tank” and “Uticor Tough” products to the industry. Most notably, our LED marquees look the same 10 years after their installation as they looked on the first day of operation.

5. Highest Immunity to Electrical Noise
We come from a background where our Automotive customers, such as Pontiac Motors, back in 1976, required us to run encoder wiring right along side with 440 VAC motor wiring without a shield as they did not want to change the connector between the control cabinet and the machine. You see, we had just invented the PLS and were replacing the old rotary cam switch with a PLS. GM wanted the benefits of the advanced technology but not change their wiring. Our Autotech division designed a Resolver based PLS where you could run it right along with 440 VAC and withstand unimaginable inductive kicks. In fact, we ended up making the resolver wiring short circuit proof and capable of taking a direct 120 VAC hit.

All our products go through exclusive noise testing and have the following ratings:
NEMA ICS 2-230 Showering Arc
ANSI C37, 90a-1974 SWC
Level C Chattering Relay Test


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